Our Scottish Highlands enjoying the shade

I”d like to start things off backwards by telling you what is going is going on now. Then delve into how this farm came to be, most certainly, for it is a good tale to tell. Summer has once again brought about change and there will be a new house on the farmstead. This house will be for my husband, myself and our two young children. The excitement is shared by all, especially my in laws who own and operate Recchia Contracting. Did I forget to mention that I am a Recchia as well? That is an important detail, perhaps the most important. My husband, casino bonus along with my father in law, will be building the new house, on the family property which is equally casino important, to everyone.

All of this has come about after much waiting and anticipation. That isn”t exactly true. It isn”t as if my husband and I have just been sitting around for years Muista paivittaiset lisabonukset Casino Storessa. twiddling our thumbs. After all, we had to meet and then get married. Then there casino online was the business of having two children. That certainly didn”t mobile casino happen overnight! But I am sure you can understand that once you get your heart set on something it online casino canada You can also download more casino games online on the Pogo download casino games online page. can feel like it takes an eternity until things start moving, especially when you get into the realm of having to engineer lots, go through zoning and so on and so forth.

I digress, progress has been made, things are moving forward.

This site will mark that progress and will go back in time to reminisce on how Old Post Hill Farm came to be and mostly to be a tribute to two people who embarked on a journey some 30 odd years ago. A journey very different from their peers that took them to the small town of Deep River and an old apple orchard where they would raise their children and then make it possible for their children to raise their children there as well.