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3 goats

Rufus, Leonard and Jane peeking their heads out of the barn

The story of how goats came back onto the farm is a good one I think. Shortly after my husband and I were married we moved back onto the family property. There hadn”t been animals for a few years as he and his sister had gone off to college and his parents had enjoyed their much deserved time off.

There is certainly lots of reward and joy in running even a “gentleman”s farm” but it is quite a bit of work. There is always something that could use mending even when the animals are fed casino online and resting.

Back on track. City girl that I was and still kind of am, saw all of this land and thought – let”s get some goats. My husband, Denis promptly Executive Director of casino online Citizen practice driving test IllinoisBryce Bowman is currently the Executive Director of Illinois. said no, knowing the kind of work involved. I did research and he still said no. I talked to my in-laws and they gave no answer except online casino that whatever happened casino online it was our responsibility. That to me meant yes.

My husband however still said no. As far as I was concerned though, the major hurdle was passed. Furthermore, my mother in law LOVES goats. She told me stories of their first Nubian. My father in law gave me a book from the 70s titled Dairy Goats and You. He made me read it and then tested me on it afterwards!

I passed. And then promptly showed up with two goats of unknown mixed breed packed in the back of Subaru Outback. I was not completely thoughtless in my purchase however, I put a tarp down first and bought a bale of hay.

Since then we have once again had goats at Old Post Hill Farm.