It's not always fun and games {0}

Or is it? Single digit temperatures, football and the gathering of long time friends combined to turn this Sunday into a nice afternoon that ended in a grand commemoration ceremony of our new gate.   The above gate is in honor of our friend, Tom Steinfeldt, who bravely held off our 2 Scottish Highland bulls […]

Times like these {0}

The past 9 days have left the whole family drained and frazzled. My father in law and husband have been hard at work on our house which is very exciting but they are bone tired each night and the kids miss their father with the long days that he is gone. To top it off, […]

Looking out my front door {0}

This is my favorite view by far. It is from the front porch looking out across the fields and barn. I love this time of year with everything in full bloom, all the noise of the bugs at night and how long the days seem to stretch. More pictures will come and more stories will […]